Looking for a Wonderful Myotherapist near Balwyn?

At Osteopathy on Canterbury, our team of highly experienced Myotherapists treat a broad range of conditions such as back pain, sports injuries, headaches, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and more!

 Highly Experienced Team ✓ Fast & Effective Pain Relief On-Site Parking  Instant HICAPS Health Funds Rebates

Personalised Treatment Program

You receive a personalised treatment program, which outlines our initial assessment and recommended action plan. This leaves you feeling assured of your treatment and confident that we are working towards a solution.


A myotherapist uses a wide range of muscular techniques in conjunction with other techniques, such as dry needling, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, muscle stretching, soft tissue and joint mobilisation and corrective exercises.


Myotherapists incorporate advanced injury prevention, health and fitness advice and exercise prescription into your treatment. They carry out a full postural analysis, medical history, range of motion testing and special tests for your presenting complaint in order to help diagnose your condition and formulate treatments plans.

Why OOC is a great choice if you’re looking for a Myotherapist near Balwyn

Osteopathy on Canterbury and Complementary Therapies is regarded as one of the most established clinics in the eastern suburbs and is only a short drive from Balwyn. It is well worth the short drive if you are looking for a great Myotherapist that delivers quality treatment, advice, management and solutions for your pain. The Myotherapists at OOC are passionate about their profession and committed to get to the core of what is causing your problem and what needs to be done to resolve it. Many of our patients make the short drive from Balwyn to OOC, as they are confident they will receive effective massage treatment outcomes.

By choosing OOC, you will receive a personalised treatment program by your Myotherapist, which details everything you need to know about your condition. In summary, we provide our diagnostic opinion regarding your problem, further investigations that may be needed and frequency and amount of treatment required for resolution. We also provide general advice on activities to avoid to prevent re-aggravation, exercise advice, ergonomic advice, nutritional advice and more. This is all written for you into a small booklet for you to take home. By choosing OOC, you will feel assured of your treatment and confident that we are working towards a solution for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in the car and drive down from Balwyn to Osteopathy on Canterbury for a solution to your pain. We offer a variety of Myotherapists who are all registered with MAA, after hours and weekend appointments, on-the-spot Health Fund rebates and on-site parking. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

We have been providing quality care since 1998 and look forward to assisting you

 Highly Experienced Team ✓ Fast & Effective Pain Relief On-Site Parking  Instant HICAPS Health Funds Rebates

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