Situated in the heart of Canterbury, Osteopathy on Canterbury & Complementary Therapies is a modern, purpose-built clinic offering the highest quality osteopathic care and complementary therapies for people of all age groups.

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Treat mum like the superhero she is with $10 off massages and myotherapy treatments this Mother's Day....

Top 5 causes of neck pain

Top 5 Causes of Neck Pain

Have you noticed that your neck pain is becoming a pain in the neck? Have you tried ignoring it but it's gone from a little niggle to a prominent nagging ache?  Do you think ‘I should really get that looked at’ and keep finding the...

7 reasons to see an Osteopath

An Osteopath can be a vital component of your healthcare team.  They apply the philosophy of treating the body as a whole, and may be able to provide assistance in some common complaints. As we celebrate Osteopathy Awareness Week (15-22 April), we look at the...

How to use a spiky ball

You have probably seen or heard of the spiky massage ball from your friends, us at the clinic recommending it, or having seen them on our shelves in the waiting area. But, do you know how to use them to the best of your advantage?...

How to use a foam roller

Have you heard about foam rollers and wondered what they are? Today, Osteopath Nathan Switkowski shares what they are, how to use a foam roller, and why you should consider including foam rolling exercises in your home routine. What is a foam roller? A foam roller is...

Extended Practitioner Hours

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a restful summer break and enjoyed the lovely warm weather. In late 2017, we sent a survey to all of our patients asking about your experience at OOC.  Every response has been extremely valuable to us and we...

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